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What time is it?  Time for our Twitch streams to finally work!

First Twitch Stream

Took forever to get this working, but I think we are good to go from here on out!  :)  This is more for those who are interested in behind-the-scenes game development.  It's kinda boring, so be warned!  But I also went over the latest Steam review of the previous episode, and other commentary.  I am really relieved and looking forward to future broadcasts now that everything is working smooth.

Twitch Channel:


Our artist, Igor Motuz, is really on a tear making funny Instagram photos!  Every other day it seems he comes up with some funny pop culture reference.  Check yesterday's one:

"Mmmm! These donuts only cost 16 blue squares!"

Can't wait to see what he does next!  So, I recommend following the NotPatchman Instagram account to see these as they come out.

Get Patchman vs. Blue Squares

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